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Gratitude Candle

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In the journey towards claiming your calm, every sense plays a pivotal role, especially our sense of smell. At Pure Placid, we've crafted the Gratitude Candle with a purposeful blend of fig, basil, and sandalwood - a trio of scents that not only pleases the senses but also aids in cultivating a peaceful, grateful mindset. Let's explore why these scents are the soul of our Gratitude Candle.

Fig: A Whiff of Nature's Sweetness. The fig, with its lush and sweet aroma, is reminiscent of warm, sun-kissed orchards. Its scent evokes a sense of comfort and contentment, encouraging relaxation. When lit, the fig fragrance in our Gratitude Candle gently lifts your mood, nudging you towards a state of calm gratitude.

Basil: In aromatherapy, basil is used to reduce anxiety and mental fatigue. As part of our Gratitude Candle, basil’s refreshing scent helps clear your mind, making it easier to focus on the present moment and the aspects of life you’re thankful for.

Sandalwood: A Touch of Grounding Earthiness Sandalwood is a timeless scent, revered for its grounding qualities. Its rich, woody fragrance is often used in meditation and relaxation practices. In our Gratitude Candle, sandalwood provides a base note that not only grounds the scent profile but also your thoughts. It encourages a deeper sense of connection to oneself, promoting inner peace and gratitude.

The Harmony of Scents in Our Gratitude Candle

When combined, fig, basil, and sandalwood create a harmonious blend that is both uplifting and grounding. The sweet warmth of fig, the crisp freshness of basil, and the earthy depth of sandalwood together make our Gratitude Candle a powerful tool in your calm-claiming arsenal.

As you light the Gratitude Candle and breathe in its unique blend, allow yourself to be enveloped by these soothing scents. Let them guide you towards a tranquil space where gratitude flows freely, and calmness resides.

🌱 Embrace the power of scent in your gratitude practice with the Pure Placid Gratitude Candle. Let each fragrance note remind you of life's simple pleasures and the joy of being present.


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Brady T.
Beautiful candles and lotions

The best hostess gifts and sharing Lake Placid with friends and family are the items from Pure Placid!

Patricia H.

Beautiful color glass jar and the scent is fabulous !