Laura Ponticello & Marcy Miller

Resilience: A Masterclass Series

Resillience: A Master Class Series

Do you have a story of resilience? Whether you're navigating the realms of entrepreneurship, leading a team, steering an organization, or simply on a quest for personal growth, our Resilience Master Class is your next step towards empowerment.

Join seasoned master teachers, Laura Ponticello and Marcy Miller, who bring over 25 years of expertise in transformational teaching, entrepreneurial leadership, and resilience building. They are ready to ignite your spirit, enrich your knowledge, and empower you to claim your calm and awaken to your amazing potential!

Comprehensive Package: For $129, enjoy a nourishing lunch, refreshing beverages, an enlightening master class, interactive break-out exercises, and a gratitude notebook to take home.

Schedule of the Day:

10:30 AM: Arrival and check-in.

11:00 AM: Opening circle with a meditative aspect led by Laura Ponticello to set the day's intentions.

11:30 AM: Engage in a roundtable discussion on using resilience as a dynamic tool for positive life and business transformation, hosted by Marcy Miller.

12:00 PM: Lunchtime speaker session featuring an inspiring resilience story from the entrepreneurial world.

1:30 PM: Participate in a break-out session focusing on shared resilience stories, complemented by writing prompts and a roundtable discussion, followed by a creative exercise.

3:00 PM: Engage in a creative exercise - "The Plantable Butterfly," symbolizing your resilience journey.

3:30 - 4:00 PM: Conclude the day with a Gratitude Circle led by Marcy and Laura, designed to infuse your energy wheel with positive intentions, acting as an amplifier for your success.