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7 Most Relaxing Scents for Soy Candles

Strong smelling scents can have a positive effect on our brain chemistry. Inhaling them activates the hypothalamus — the area of the brain that sends messages to the rest of your body. If a scent is pleasing to you it can alter your mood.

According to research by the Social Issues Research Center, different scents stimulate perception and memory in our brains. That cognitive memory connection is often very personal. Scented recall usually involves a strong memory with emotional ties. Maybe roses remind you of your grandmother’s perfume. Or, the smell of chlorine transports you to a happy summer as a lifeguard.

Recognition of the power of smell has increased with the popularity of aromatherapy. But, beyond memory-inducing capabilities, scents can help with mental and physical well-being.

The right scent can relieve a headache or reduce stress. If you’re frazzled or anxious a scented soy candle can help. Soy candles made with relaxing scents are a natural, drug-free way to improve the way you feel.

Relaxing Scents are a Personal Choice

Since smells are linked to specific memories, everyone’s preferences are personal. The association with a scent can be good or bad, depending on the related experience. That’s why some people love a smell while others hate it. Yet, despite individual preferences, there are some fragrances almost everyone considers pleasing.

Let’s look at seven popular scents that do more than smell good. Due to their relaxing properties, the following scents can relieve stress. That makes them beneficial to your health and happiness.


An International Flavor and Fragrances, Inc. study revealed that smelling vanilla elevated feelings of joy and relaxation. Researchers found that smelling vanilla made participants more relaxed and joyful. Vanilla is associated with many enjoyable foods: ice cream, cake, candy, and pastries. It has a peculiar aroma that’s easily recognized and it’s often related to childhood memories.

Vanilla has a calming and comforting effect. This is enhanced when it’s paired with scents that stimulate the nervous system. This can be found in Pure Placid Soy Candle Cashmere Sweater where vanilla and jasmine are combined. Jasmine calms nerves and relieves depressive thoughts. The combination of vanilla and jasmine creates a lovely, relaxing scent.


Cinnamon is one of the best smells around. The aromatic Sunday Morning Soy Candle is a sweet blend of maple syrup, cinnamon, and melted butter. Is there anything more soothing than the smell of breakfast?

Cinnamon has many properties that induce well-being. Ancient Egyptians considered it more valuable than gold because of its health and medicinal attributes. Studies show cinnamon can be used as an antioxidant, as well as a brain booster.


Did you know that pine scent can alleviate stress? And, there are several reasons why pine trees make us happy. Whether it’s near the holidays or during a walk in the woods, a pine scent lowers anxiety.

A study of people who walked in pine forests showed a significant reduction in depression and stress levels. The same research showed anxious subjects felt relaxed after smelling pine.

You might want to consider a pine-scented Whiteface Hike Soy Candle the next time you feel tense. It will remind you of being outside in the fresh mountain air.


If you’re looking for a way to feel energized, light a citrus candle. Scents like orange and lemon can boost energy and alertness. A mandarin fragrance comes from the outer peel of the fruit. The smell has an uplifting and calming effect - which we captured in our Mount Marcy soy candle.

The delicate characteristics of citrus scents calm excited children. According to the Mayo Clinic, citrus aromas used on patients lessen stress and anxiety. Mayo Clinic massage therapists use mandarin oil as part of patient treatment.


Bergamot originally comes from Italy. It’s a fruit that’s the same color as lemons but matches the size of an orange. It was the main ingredient in the original Eau de Cologne.

Bergamot fruit peel is sometimes called bitter orange. The fresh citrus scent is often blended with other scents. It’s used to help with digestion, reduce inflammation. As a candle, this relaxing scent can relieve stress and anxiety. Its fragrance is uplifting.

You’ll find this more masculine scent in the Alpine Spice soy candle. The classic scent reminds people of the great outdoors. 


Sandalwood may be one of the most distinctive fragrances. It’s often used during meditation sessions. It’s known to promote relaxation. It induces a feeling of calm in the mind and body.

The scent comes from the roots of a mature tree. It’s extracted from trees that are 50 to 80 years old. Sandalwood is infused in scented candles to make it easier to use. The smell is very close to the scent of human pheromone. For this reason, people consider it an aphrodisiac.

Try a Farmer’s Market Soy Candle for a soothing mix of Sandalwood, Basil, and Fig. This combination is good for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep.


Beyond its beauty, the rose aroma has medicinal and health benefits. It can relieve anxiety. The scent of a rose is like a tonic for the nerves. The smell also boosts self-esteem and confidence. The increase in mental strength can reduce feelings of stress and depression.

Try our Rose and Berry Soy Candle to improve your mood at home. It includes the seductive scent of rose mixed with the smell of ripe berries.

Get the Benefits of Relaxing Scents

Fragrance can improve your mood and reduce stress. Inhaling a favorite scent can change your body.  If you like a scent that isn’t listed here it can still relieve your stress. The truth is, any scent that soothes you is beneficial. There are many scents that are effective for relaxation, sleep, and stress relief.


You can enjoy the benefits of relaxing scents at home or work with soy candles. Choose Pure Placid hand-poured 100% soy candles to lift your mood. If you’re having a bad day, it’s the easiest ways to relieve stress.