The Power of Citrus Scents-Pure Placid

The Power of Citrus Scents

Citrus isn’t just healthy to drink – the scent of citrus fruits has also been shown to calm the body and mind. Citrus, such as oranges, mandarins, and lemons, helps boost the body’s ability to produce serotonin – the “feel happy” hormone. At the same time, citrus scents help reduce norepinephrine – the body’s stress hormone. So next time you’re feeling like you need to Claim Your Calm, peel & eat an orange. Or, better yet, surround your home with the scents of citrus and curb the anxiety before it even starts.


Breaking Down Citrus Scents

  • Lemon is a relaxing and uplifting scent.
  • Bergamot (which is a green citrus fruit) is uplifting and calming.
  • Mandarin is calming and helps reduce anxiety.
  • Clementine is a mood up-lifter.


Citrus Scents in Your Home

We love lighting a Mount Marcy Soy Candle which is grounded in mandarin to help set a calm mood around the house.

There’s not much that’s calming about cleaning the kitchen. That’s why we keep Balsam and Clementine Hand Soap and Lemon and Vanilla Hand Lotion by the sink.

Starting the day off with Alpine Spice Body Wash with its scent of bergamot is a great way to set the stage for the day ahead.