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Supporting Those with MS Through Scent and Soy Candles

When my husband Dennis was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, I was shocked and wasn’t immediately sure what I could do to help. Of course, that’s when we most often turn to what we know best - for me, that’s selfcare and the power of scent. 

We knew it would be important for Dennis to manage his symptoms in a healthy way. We began researching the impact specific scents and essential oils have on reducing stress and anxiety - which is tremendously important for those managing MS and other autoimmune diseases because of the direct tie stress has with fatigue. Fatigue is one of the most burdensome symptoms of MS. 

5 years ago we launched our first MS Candle, Moment of Zen, not only to help Dennis and others with MS, but to also raise awareness and money to find a cure. The scent is curated to help reduce stress, and the candle represents a moment of much needed selfcare. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic and unpredictable neurological disease that affects millions of people around the world. Every March we help those struggling with the disease by donating 100% of sales of our MS Candle to the Tisch MS Research Center and the National MS Society.

Our Moment of Zen MS Candle comes in a beautiful orange glass jar, representing the Multiple Sclerosis color, and a label representing the cause, making it an ideal gift for someone who loves candles or someone who has been affected by multiple sclerosis. 

The Moment of Zen candle is a beautiful blend of natural and comforting scents that can transform any room into a peaceful sanctuary. This year we updated the scent to provide even more grounding properties. With notes of balsam, cedar, pine, cardamom, musk, and moss, this candle has a rich, earthy aroma that promotes relaxation and calmness. The balsam and cedar provide a warm base, while the pine and cardamom offer a refreshing and invigorating top note. The musk and moss balance out the fragrance, adding a soft and velvety touch. The result is a scent that can evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, perfect for meditation or unwinding after a long day.

Every time you light this candle, you're contributing to the fight against MS and showing support to those who are battling this disease. Illuminate your home with the Moment of Zen scented soy candle and join the fight to raise awareness and funds for MS research.

Xx Marcy