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Summer Is A Great Time for Soy Candles


Summer is the perfect time to light soy candles. There are plenty of ways to make beautiful scented candles work for you this season. Here are some tips from Pure Placid to make the most of your soy candles this summer.


Dine Alfresco with Scented Soy Candles

Now that the weather has gotten warmer, it’s a great time of year to eat outdoors. Dinner alfresco can become a wonderful experience if you add a little light with scented soy candles. Try grouping candles together at the center of your table for a centerpiece or light a few large candles for a more dramatic look. Scented soy candles are especially wonderful for summer nights as they fill the night with fragrance, making you feel as though you are in a garden, by a lake, or in the mountains, even if you live in the city.


Travel with Soy Candles

Often summer means we do some traveling. Bring a few travel soy candles when you travel. It’s a secret that celebrities and frequent travelers know: when you travel, bringing along a candle or two can make your hotel room or vacation home smell cozy and fresh, no matter where you travel. Another tip: if you’re traveling with kids who might get homesick, bring along a candle scent that you often burn at home to make your travel accommodations more home-like.


Vacation Home That Feels Like Home

Open up your summer house with soy candles. If you have a lake house, cabin, or cottage, this is likely the time of year when you will be opening up your second home. To make your vacation home instantly fresh and inviting, light a few scented candles. Fresh scents will instantly freshen up your vacation home and chase away any stale or musty odors. I like the Alpine Spice or Mount Marcy scent for this.


Soy Candles to the Rescue

Get ready for those summer storms with scented soy candles. Summer often means summer storms and power outages, especially if you are headed to the cabin or cottage. Stock up on candles!. When the power goes out, luxurious scented candles such as the very summery Rose and Berry transform any power outage into a wonderful event, with a beautiful light, and a luxury scent.