Gratitude Your Way To Calm-Pure Placid

Gratitude Your Way To Calm

National Gratitude Month, World Kindness Week + Pure Placid


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

The last part of that definition is what stands out to me as we head into a month full of thankfulness and kindness. November is a special time of the year that, in my opinion, doesn't get enough credit! At Pure Placid, we truly try to show our kindness to others and hopefully inspire others to do the same. It’s essential to Claiming Your Calm.

  • November is National Gratitude Month. We will celebrate and encourage all of you to join us by sharing your #puregratitude with our Gratitude Cards. These simple blank cards give you space to reflect on what you are thankful for and share it with others. You can inspire others to do the same! 

I think the most powerful thing about gratitude is that it gives your mind the opportunity to shift its focus away from the negative and truly appreciate the positive. In our daily lives, we can search for the positive, even if it’s something small and simple. 

  • We’re also celebrating World Kindness Week starting November 13! We will be highlighting people who show kindness to others on our social media. You can share your moments of kindness and tag us with #purekindness. Whether it’s something you do for someone or something you saw someone else do, it’s the inspiration of kindness that counts! 

Personally, when I show kindness to someone it fills me with a lightness. I’m thankful for the ability to be kind and also benefit from it. I’m thankful that difficult times in my life have made me appreciate and be thankful for my small moments of calm, serenity, and simplicity. It makes me thankful for the people in my life who show me kindness and have been there to fill me up when the light was dim. Kindness doesn’t cost a dollar, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. It just takes a little bit of heart and attention to others. 

Kindness inspires kindness. It’s a beautiful cycle that promotes our well-being as a society! By Claiming Your Calm, you can help others to find theirs, too. We look forward to this month, when we fill our lives with gratitude, positivity, kindness–and calm.