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Five Calming Scents That Should Be On Everyone’s Self-Care List

Follow your nose this way. A 2017 meta-analysis of 12 studies found that aromatherapy can alleviate symptoms of depression in people. Yet many people refrain from aromatherapy because they assume it is expensive or labor-intensive. You don't have to hire a therapist to experience the benefits of calming scents. You just need to know what they are. 

What are your different options for home scents? What is a good oil to get in hand soap? How can you incorporate candles into your self-care practices? 

Answer these questions and you can keep calm while keeping money and time for yourself. Here are five scents you can try out today.

1. Vanilla Bean 

Vanilla beans have a light scent with sweet touches. You should select a vanilla-scented product if you want something that will not be too overpowering yet remains calming. 

Try to put vanilla-scented candles and objects in your kitchen. This is a location that people naturally associate with baked goods because many of them contain vanilla. When they smell vanilla, they will not find the scent too jarring or unusual. 

Make sure the scent distributes through the room. You may need to run a fan behind a candle, allowing the scent to diffuse. You can also burn candles on opposite sides of the room so the vanilla scent carries out. 

If you intend to use vanilla aromatherapy candles, you should find ones with essential oils. There is no one vanilla essential oil, but you can use vanilla extracts or infusions. Read the ingredients label of any scented product carefully before you buy it.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most relaxing candle scents. The spice is a little stronger than vanilla without being too overpowering. It is a good choice if you want to relax while remaining awake. 

Many candles offer cinnamon in combination with other ingredients. It can complement vanilla, sugarcane, and maple very well. A candle can smell like a baked cookie or cake, which makes it good for holiday events. 

You can find natural cinnamon oil in most candles. You can also put cinnamon inside moisturizing hand soap, as cinnamon oil can kill harmful forms of bacteria. 

It is not enough to get a soap that just smells like cinnamon. You should find one with natural cinnamon oil inside of it, and you should rub it onto your hands carefully.

Run your hands under hot water to clean dirt and debris off of your skin. Then rub the soap onto all parts of your hands until bubbles form. You can dry your hands off, but don't scrub them or the soap residue will come off.

3. Basil

A basil-scented product is a good choice for someone who does not like sweet scents. Basil offers a crisp aroma with herbal and spicy hints. 

Yet you can find a sweet basil product that combines herbal hints with sweet ones. Some companies offer other kinds of basil with lemony hints. 

Basil works well when you pair it with other herbs and fruits. A mixture of basil with citrus fruits can be energizing and soothing. Try to avoid combining basil with vanilla, as the two odors can seem jarring when you smell them together.

Place a basil candle by the window so air will come in and distribute the scent through your house. The visual stimuli of looking out the window combined with the scent can make you feel like you are in the outdoors. 

4. Pine Needle

Pine needle is another scent that can remind you of nature. Many people think about Christmas trees while smelling pine needles, so a pine needle scent can create a festive atmosphere in your house. 

As you might imagine, many candle companies combine pine needles with other woody scents. You may find a candle with pine needles and sandalwood or cedarwood. If you only want subtle hints of the woods, you can light another candle or find one with fruity notes. 

You can set a pine needle candle by a window, or you can place it further inside your house. Feel free to put the candle close to you and breathe the scent in through deep breaths.

5. Lemon

The power of citrus scents is substantial. Any citrus scent can calm the body and mind down significantly, helping the brain produce serotonin. You may feel calmer and happier within a few minutes of smelling a strong citrus odor. 

Each citrus offers its own effects. Lemon can be relaxing yet uplifting. If you want to relax while you are working, you should light a lemon candle. 

If you want a mixture of scents, lemon can serve as a good base. Consider combining lemon with vanilla or another fruit. You can try a candle or soap that combines lemon with other citrus fruits, but the scents may be too overpowering.

A lemon scent can be very strong, so place a candle or soap with it a foot or so away from you. You can also place it near smelly objects to conceal their scent. This makes it one of the best home scents for bathrooms and basements.

The Five Most Calming Scents

Calming scents are everywhere. Vanilla beans are light and sweet. Cinnamon is spicy, reminding many people of baked goods and the holidays. 

If you want a more savory scent, you can select basil. If you like the woods, you can try out pine needle candles. Citrus is relaxing, invigorating, and uplifting. 

Try to mix and match different scents to achieve effects. Lighting a candle and breathing the odor in is all you need to experience effects. 

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