Aromatherapy Benefits of Rose and Berry

Aromatherapy Benefits of Rose and Berry

Like stepping into a summer garden, the smell of fresh roses and of ripe berries takes us away to long summer days, warm nights, and calming breezes. The aromatherapy benefits of rose and berry have been studied by scientists and have been shown to help us – mind, body, and soul.

Aromatherapy Benefits of Rose Scents

Researchers have found that aromatherapy using rose oil could be effective in easing pain in patients after they had surgery. And something most women will find applaud-worthy... rose body lotion, rose body cream, and rose body oil when massaged into the abdomen helps to relieve menstrual discomfort. 

Rose body lotion and rose body cream made with rose essential oil (like those we make at Pure Placid) has also been found by researchers to help decrease blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, cortisol levels, and blood oxygen levels. Not to mention, the people in that study felt relaxed and less stressed out.

And something to bring into the bedroom…inhaling rose oil has been found to increase sexual desire. So maybe put the oysters away and light a Rose and Berry Soy Candle next time!

Aromatherapy Benefits of Berry Scents

The blueberry scent in Pure Placid Rose and Berry technically doesn’t have aromatherapy benefits the way the rose oil does, because blueberry seed oil is made from cold-pressed blueberry seeds and not the berry itself. But the berry scent does permeate through and the seed oil is where all the goodness comes from.

Blueberry seed oil is high in the essential fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6, and alpha linolenic acid. These are incredible when applied to the skin. It helps improve the skin’s natural barrier and its tone and firmness. It’s a perfect ingredient in rose and berry body wash and rose and berry hand soap.