Wintering Scents-Pure Placid

Wintering Scents

This time of the year is great for reflection, introspection, hibernation and restoration.  Post-summer and holidays, winter becomes a sanctuary for strengthening our minds and bodies, a season of rest and recovery. A time to slow down and check in with ourselves.Wintering Rest
Do you notice how in the winter you lean towards more comforting warm foods like soups, drink more warm beverages, sleep longer and take more time to rest? The beauty of wintering!  With this seasonal change, I also notice I crave and lean into different scents. More cozy warm scents. Woodsy and sweet is what I crave in winter.
Wintering Relaxation and Hot Tea

I'm not sure if it is the dark days and the weather in January, but I always feel a bit stuck in a rut this month. My creative energy and motivation is low. I have learned to embrace these feelings and allow myself to rest. All while knowing these feelings will pass soon enough. But as someone who is constantly used to movement and working towards something, it can be a bit unsettling to slow down in stillness this month.
Balsam is a scent that can be very helpful for those who are feeling stuck and lacking motivation. That is definitely me right now! So I am grabbing the balsam scents all the time! Every time I smell balsam, I feel as if my lungs deepen with every breath, my mind feels open and clear and the energy begins to flow again within my body. I can't get enough of it.
 Balsam Trees
Do you have a scent you crave in certain seasons? I encourage you to look into it. It may sound crazy but I do think our bodies tell us what we need. And the longer we use aromatherapy, the more apparent this becomes. I assume the hippocampus recalls those scents helping in certain seasons and begins to form connections with those future emotions triggered within the limbic system.