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What Is Olive Oil Soap and the Benefits of Using It?

What is Olive Oil Soap and The Benefits to Using It

When hearing the words "olive oil," your first thought is naturally food, but olive oil is also great in soap. Olive oil is deeply moisturizing so it’s only natural that it found its way into soap. At Pure Placid we love olive oil soap. Here we learn about what olive oil soap is and the benefits to using it. 

Why Use Olive Oil in Soap?

Olive oil falls under two specific categories: refined and unrefined. The difference between the two is that refined oil gets treated with added chemicals to remove any imperfections, making it more marketable to the general public as a cost-effective option. On the other hand, unrefined has not been treated or heated, rendering it a pure oil.

There are an array of olive oils on the market, but the one we want to focus on is extra virgin. Due to its extraction process, it retains the most beneficial fats vs. other methods that involve heat. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives via a cold-pressed method. This method retains more of the natural vitamins and minerals. Extra virgin olive oil is also considered an unrefined oil as it has not been heated nor treated with chemicals during extraction.

Let's Talk Olive Oil Soap

There are different types of oils one can add to make soap. First, you get coconut soap with a rich, fluffy lather. Then there is castor oil with a dense lather, and sunflower oil soaps with a conditioning lather and a silky feel. If we compare commercial soap to olive oil soap, you’ll immediately notice that the olive oil soap feels a lot gentler on the skin.

While olive oil soap doesn't lather the same as traditional soap, it has an almost creamy lather consistency which goes hand in hand with how moisturizing it feels on the skin. Plus, there are many skincare benefits to using olive oil soap including its deeply moisturizing, naturally anti-aging, and good for skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. 

There are people who want that feeling of being "squeaky clean," but that's not always the best for your skin. Our skin is conditioned to have natural oils, and when we use harsh chemicals it can lead to dry skin, skin irritations, breakouts, allergies, and all kinds of other damaging effects.

Can I Use Olive Oil Soap on My Face?

Yes. In fact, olive oil soap is ideal for use on the face due to the high levels of antioxidants. This helps keep your complexion even and bright from wash to wash.

Pure Placid Natural Olive Oil Soap Bars

Pure Placid products are alcohol-free, VOC-free, sulfate-free, DEA-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, and free from synthetic chemicals. We are also proudly Cruelty-Free, and we are certified by Leaping Bunny. We package our products in either recycled glass bottles or plastic bottles made of recycled materials; however, we try to avoid using plastics in our packaging as we believe in using as little packaging as possible.

  • A beautifully classic, handmade olive oil soap that treats your skin to a decadent lather, our Balsam and Clementine Olive Oil Soap includes balsam essential oils that offer a scent similar to vanilla with a touch of cinnamon. Balsam has a soft, sensual aroma to it, while the clementine adds a vibrant citrus punch to the soap, leaving you feeling soothed yet rejuvenated.
  • Balsam and Cedar Olive Oil Soap Bar is a handmade olive oil soap that smells as great as it is on your body. The addition of balsam essential oils offers an aroma similar to vanilla with hints of cinnamon. Balsam has a soft, sensual aroma to it, while the calming properties of cedar oil provide harmony to the mind and body.
  • White Birch Olive Oil Soap Bar is handmade with the addition of white birch essential oils that gives this soap a minty aroma that is soothing and calming on the mind.
  • Lemon and Vanilla Olive Oil Soap Bar includes the addition of vanilla essential oils gives you a boost to the libido and will leave you feeling relaxed, while lemon uplifts you with its fresh scent.
  • Our Peppermint Olive Oil Soap Bar includes The addition of peppermint essential oils wakes you up and offers an invigorating energy boost.
  • Summer by the Lake Olive Oil Soap is handcrafted and includes powerful antioxidants found in olive oil along with the scent of lilac, freesia, hyacinth, and driftwood

All the Pure Placid Olive Oil Soaps will leave your skin feeling conditioned, revived, clean, and smelling incredible.