When to Apply Lotion for Maximum Moisture | Pure Placid

When to Apply Lotion for Maximum Moisture


Yes, there’s a strategy for achieving beautifully soft skin! Maximize the moisturizing power of your Pure Placid Hand and Body Lotion (or any lotion...but obviously we love ours!). It all comes down to perfect timing. 


ASAP After Your Shower

As soon as you get out of the shower, moisture starts getting pulled from your skin into the air, and the drier the climate, the quicker it happens. Lock moisture in by applying lotion within 5 minutes of your shower. Lotion will also act as the first layer in scenting your skin.


Before Outdoor Exposure

If you’re exposing your skin to the elements – wind, pollution, UV rays – you need hydration. Especially in the summer and winter, you expose your skin to harsh elements, and you need to be sure to keep it hydrated and protected. We always recommend using an SPF in addition to hydrating lotions.


During Your Bedtime Ritual

While you sleep, your skin’s transepidermal water loss increases, which means our skin loses moisture while we sleep! At bedtime, it’s recommended to use a heavier body cream. Your skin will thank you in the morning.


After Shaving

When you’re removing hair, you’re also removing the surface layer of skin cells. This exfoliation lets your skin absorb more moisture and get more hydration. Plus, you need to protect your newly exposed skin. Properly hydrated skin can also decrease the chance of ingrown hairs.