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Our Body Is Our Temple

You know that feeling when you're catching a cold, and every little thing you need to do just seems five times more difficult? Suddenly, on top of all your other thoughts, you are focused on how stuffy your nose feels and how labored your breathing is.

In the case of a cold, the impediment to your productivity is glaring because it comes on so suddenly and the effects feel drastic. But what about those other ailments that develop slowly over time? How do you think they are affecting your productivity?

As an exercise, let's think about a time where you had so much to do.

Maybe in an attempt to get more work done, you skipped a workout and spent more time working. Next thing you know your back is sore from too much sitting and not enough exercise. When you get home, you are less motivated to clean the house and do laundry. You're wiped, and you don't feel like making dinner, so you just get take out. Since it was such a stressful day maybe you have one too many glasses of wine. The next morning you're run down and tired from not eating well. When you get to work, you're even less motivated than the day before, and you do the same thing over again.

Slowly over time, you're burnt out, behind on work, and you're more stressed-out than ever before. All of this because you were so focused on your work in the first place, that you didn't tend to your most basic needs - your physical well being. It can be an ugly cycle, and we've all been there before.  

Together we want to work on the small changes we can make to slowly break this cycle and learn how to prioritize your needs.

That is why this month we are focusing on getting our bodies ready for a fantastic 2020 in our 90 day's til 2020 challenge.

Join us as we explore topics such as adequately fueling our bodies, how to get up and get moving, how to fit in time for self-care, and how to get enough rest. By working to improve these areas, we feel we can begin to live our best, most productive, and happiest versions of ourselves.

We hope you will commit yourself to work on these items together with us. As always follow us on social media and stay tuned to these newsletters to learn more.