Multiple Sclerosis Awareness-Pure Placid

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

At Pure Placid we hope to inspire you through scent and self-care so you can live a better life and find joy in its little pleasures. This notion has been strengthened by our founder, Marcy Miller, and her husband's life living with multiple sclerosis. Each year, Pure Placid launches a limited edition candle with proceeds benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Our MS candle is inspired by Marcy's husband Dennis, who has multiple sclerosis. The challenges of the disease forced Dennis to manage his symptoms in a healthy way, which meant a lot of self-care. Self-care can feel indulgent and luxurious, but it's also a highly effective way to use simple and positive practices to improve your health. One way to take care of yourself is to take a minute to breathe and rest. Dennis calls this his moments of Zen. The therapeutic aromas and the warm glow of this candle provide a beautiful way to stop and enjoy life's moments of calm, or Zen. 

When Dennis was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, Marcy Miller was in the midst of nursing school, running a spa, and working to turn her candle and lotion making hobby into a viable business. Dennis was working in construction, doing a lot of roofing (not the best career for someone facing some balance issues). Amid everyday stresses, they now faced this challenging diagnosis. Their physical and emotional well-being were put on the back burner, and the couple found themselves giving into destructive coping mechanisms. 

Dennis tried to fight off his symptoms with a litany of medications that drained his quality of life and left him feeling defeated. As the disease progressed, he was no longer able to maintain his active lifestyle and was eventually unable to work. Marcy threw herself into researching the condition and ensuring that she could support the two financially. Thankfully during this tough time their daughter Lily was away at school. 

Eventually, it became too much for Dennis to handle. His inability to provide for his family and the loss of the life he knew took a massive toll on his mental health. He began to feel like a burden to others and didn't want to continue. Talking to a therapist and getting his medications straight were the first step to getting better. Depression is a serious issue especially with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and is something that a mental health professional should really address. 

They needed to make a choice: they chose acceptance and started putting in the work to improve their lives. 

They set out on a mission to "claim their calm" in a world and life that was anything but calm. They stopped looking at self-care as a luxury and began to think  of it as essential medication. They took up meditation, prioritized rest, and accepted their new life with MS. 

Although it took time and a daily commitment, self-care worked. It drastically improved their quality of life. They now lead a life surrounded by positivity, laughter, and gratitude. 

It was these improvements that inspired Marcy to go all-in on her self-care line for Pure Placid. She wanted to inspire others to claim their calm. She decided to use her brand as a platform to share with others the importance of self-care. 

Meanwhile, Dennis found solace in rest and meditation, a time he affectionately refers to as his "moments of Zen."