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Living the Placid Life - During a Pandemic

If there ever was a year to turn your home into a sanctuary, 2020 is it. When nearly everything happening outside your walls is out of your control, there’s great comfort in knowing you can create a safe space inside that provides respite and solace from the world—a spot where you can spend time with your family and make happy memories together while staying safe and well.


Perfectly in line with the quest for that cozy place is the Placid Life, a way of living inspired by the trending #cottagecore movement. It is a way of living that’s been steadily gaining steam throughout the pandemic: Read on for details on what the Placid Life is all about and how you can jump on the bandwagon just in time for the holiday season.

The Placid Life places high value on tranquility, domestic living, and creativity. It’s a charmed, fantastical, dreamy way of life absent of modern stresses and combined with sustainable luxury living. An Adirondack philosophy that can be carried all over the globe. 

Indeed, it does sound dreamy—and it’s exactly what we all could use more of right now: a relaxing space filled with less technology and more intention. It is about simplifying, too, recalling nostalgia and taking the opportunity to dress your home in a way that reminds you to slow down and savor the moments.

“The pandemic made us all redefine the who, what, and where we find happiness and inspiration—and our homes become the source of it all,” says Krista Stokes, a designer and art director for Hidden Pond, a resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. “Our own walls instead of museums, our kitchen and dining rooms instead of our favorite restaurant, our individual workstations instead of one provided for us, our own bedrooms instead of escaping to a hotel when we need to recharge.”

So how can you bring the Placid Life concept into your home? It doesn’t take a major overhaul, but rather a thoughtful positioning of items you already have.

Start by thinking about the five senses. What makes a home feel cozier than a delicious smell? We love burning candles, not only does it fill your house with an inviting smell but the flicker of the flame helps soothe and calm.


When it comes to the eyes, consider how you can bring nature indoors. Fresh flowers are ideal but even good quality faux flowers will do the trick. An insider tip: When temperatures dip, bring your summer plants to a natural light-filled room indoors to create a lovely indoor garden to enjoy during winter.


If you have a fireplace, that’s another easy step toward creating a cozier home: Simply light a fire to illuminate the room and add warmth in more ways than one. I love spending evenings curled up by the fire with a good book and a warm cup of cocoa or a glass of wine; simply powering down all screens and losing yourself in pages of a book or magazine—or in conversation with a loved one—can get you in a Placid Life mindset.


Life can feel incredibly complicated for most of us right now, and adding the Placid Life vibes to your home can help soothe stress, inspire your creativity, and recall a simpler time and space that will allow you to feel calmer and at peace. This year has proven, more than ever, that home is where the heart is.

We all want our environments to reflect the nurturing calm we are longing for right now. This fits into our mission of claiming our calm and we do this by living a Placid Life.

Speaking of calm, a cuddle-worthy blanket is also a must—this one  reminds us of simpler times and is made from 100-percent Alpaca. Try decorating with blankets. 

Need more inspiration? Head outside. Take a walk, look up, look down, and see what Mother Nature is showing you. Witnessing the amazing trees, rocks, moss, plants, sticks, stones, shells, animals—whatever is nearby—can provide all the ideas you need for carrying out the aesthetic of a Placid Life inside your home.


The upcoming holiday season is a perfect time to try incorporating a dose of the Placid Life in non-permanent ways. First up: Thanksgiving. Cut some branches from your yard and spread them out down the center of your table, mixing in some candles and fruits. You can also layer these items over a simple hemp or burlap cloth in place of a fancy tablecloth.


Christmas decor is perfectly aligned with the Placid Life, too, and easy to DIY. Drape garlands around your doorways (think cedar, pine, and silver dollar eucalyptus) along with other living items like juniper, eucalyptus pods, thistles, and plants that have brightly colored berries. Then, layer in tiny strings of fairy lights. You can also use the same plants to make wreaths to drape around sconces, place around candles on a table, or weave into chandeliers.


The more natural, the better—no excess shopping or spending required. Once you allow the Placid Life to infiltrate your home you can watch your environment evolve into a cozy, loving, warm atmosphere where family and friends are welcomed, valued, and will never want to leave.