make your candle last longer

How to Make Your Candle Last Longer

Don't let that candle go to waste. Here are some tips to keep your candles burning longer!
I believe that candles can fix just about anything. Have a weird smell in a room? Light a candle! In a bad mood? Light a candle! Your power just went out? Light a whole bunch of candles! You get it, right? And once you find your candle soulmate, you want it to last as long as humanly possible. I am here to help with a handful of ~lit~ candle hacks to keep that sweet (or woodsy...or floral) scent burning 4ever.

Trim and Readjust The Wick

Big wick energy is not welcome here ’cause a big wick means a big flame, and a big flame means your precious candle is gonna burn up wayyy faster. Before you light up your candle next, give the wick a little snip so that it keeps the flame to a minimum. Try to keep the wick cut to 1/4 inch. I like to use a wick trimmer but any scissors will work.
To keep your burn even-stevens, you need to make sure your wick is straight up and down after each and every sesh. If it looks like it’s leaning to one side, just give it a quick little adjustment with your fingers—once it has cooled down, of course.

The Perfect Burn Time

Burning your candle for only a few minutes at a time is noooo bueno. You end up melting down the wax in the center near the wick while the outer edges won’t burn down because they don’t have time to get all hot and melty. This is called candle tunneling! Make sure you’re always burning your candle until the entire top layer of wax is evenly melted.
Cap your burn time to 3-4 hours. Burning longer can actually cause tunneling and will definitely mean your wick is long and burning very hot which means its burning faster. After 4 hours let your candle cool and harden before lighting it again. This will keep it burning slowly and evenly.

Fix Uneven Wax with Foil

If by chance you end up with some tunneling I have a fix for you! Go grab your Reynolds wrap tin foil and rip off a big sheet. Fold it over onto itself lengthwise three or four times to get a long rectangular shape that you can wrap around the outside of your candle jar. Be sure there is an opening on the top and be careful, the tin foil gets hot. Leave it there, tightly wrapped, while the candle burns and VOILÀ! You’ll have a perfectly even candle in no time.

Avoid Drafty Areas

Keep candles away from drafts. Fans? Get out of here. ACs? Don’t wanna see ’em. An open window? Lose my number! All of these things are going to cause your flame to fling around like crazy, making your candle burn unevenly and faster.

Don't Blow Out Your Candle

Always dip your wick instead of blowing it out. You can use a wick dipper or tweezers to gently dip the wick in the wax and then straighten it back up. This will leave the good scent in the air instead of the smoke from blowing it out and it seals the wick in wax which will then help it burn slower and more evenly next time, making your candle last longer.

I am so excited for you to now enjoy your candles forever!