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DIY Sugar Scrub

Who else is feeling the winter skin struggle? It’s not just you, this time of year is so harsh on our skin. Between the indoor heat, cold weather, and long hot showers, the moisture in our skin doesn’t stand a chance. 


That’s why I thought it would be a good time to share some of my dry skin secret weapons with you, my two favorite body scrub recipes. Of course you can always buy my absolute favorite Pure Placid sugar scrub here


Many people don’t realize how effective exfoliation is in the battle against dry skin. (Check out our blog, girl you need to exfoliate)


Now you may be asking, “doesn’t Pure Placid sell a sugar scrub? Why would she give us a recipe to do at home?”


Well, as much as I hope you buy Pure Placid scrub, this year, I want to start sharing tips on ways you can relax and unwind in your free time. After all, 2020 is the year that I want us all to #claimyourcalm.


One of my favorite meditative activities is to make and use a homemade body scrub. There is just something so relaxing about it. From the scents to the textures, to the pure satisfaction of creating something by hand, the whole experience is an exercise in mindfulness.


I encourage you all to take some “me time” and make your own body scrub this weekend. It’s a quick, easy, and effective way to get your skin back to that healthy glow. The best part is, you probably have more of the ingredients in your pantry.


Citrus Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are so yummy, and this one is my all-time favorite. I prefer sugar in my scrub because the granules are smooth and, therefore, the perfect gentle exfoliator. Here is my go-to citrus body scrub.



3/4 cup of room temperature coconut oil

2 cups of sugar

Juice of one orange (hint blood orange makes it look really pretty!)

10 drops of vanilla essential oil (it can be any essential oil, but vanilla is yummy!)


First, mix the sugar and coconut oil. 

Then squeeze the orange juice in and add the vanilla essential oil. 

Blend well.

DIY Sugar scrub squeeze citrus


The last step is to spoon the scrub into the containers.



DIY Coffee Scrub

 DIY Coffee Scrub


My second favorite scrub is a Coffee and coconut blend. Coffee stimulates blood flow and promotes collagen production and cell turnover, thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. It also is a great way to fade breakouts. I promise you will love this one.



½ cup ground coffee (you can even use used grounds)

¼ cub sugar

1 cup coconut oil


Mix everything together! Voila! This is so easy!

Apply to skin and rub for an invigorating skin treatment. Try leaving it on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing off; this will allow the coffee to work its magic!