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Claim Your Calm


Claim Your Calm

At Pure Placid, we're ever-evolving. Those of you who have known us from the beginning probably remember us as the local soap and candle makers at the neighborhood farmers market. It’s been an exciting adventure, going from the farmer’s market to a global company to say the least, and it’s been easy to get occupied by all of the busy details that encompass such growth. At a certain point, we found ourselves missing the simplicity of the farmer’s market life. Then we reminded ourselves of all of the amazing experiences the last few years have brought us. It made us stop to think, to look inward, to remind ourselves what our mission was. 


More Than Just Pure Natural Products

Of course, we want to provide the safest, all-natural, purest products possible. Products that have minimal impact on our environment and are safe enough for the whole family; but to us, this is a given. We believe that all brands should be looking out for the safety of their customers and the environment. So yes, that was important to us, but it wasn’t our overall goal. 

So, what is our goal? To figure this out we asked ourselves what we believe in; what impact do we want to have on the world and our customers? 

When creating Pure Placid, we knew we wanted each of our products to be a vacation for the mind. Each of our scents is inspired by the vast, serene wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains. We wanted to create products that could transport our customers to this place of placid tranquility. A place so relaxing that in the early 1900s wealthy elite families of New York City, would “vacate” the city to enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains, henceforth coining the term “vacation.” 

Vacation for The Mind: Self Care & Taking a Moment

A vacation for them mind is the heart of self-care and the heart of Pure Placid - after all, we are a home and body care brand. We believe in the importance of taking a moment. Why else do you burn a scented candle if not to take a moment to enjoy its fragrance? There’s peace in taking a moment. A moment to stop, to breathe, to revitalize.


Claim Your Calm

We know that in a world where self-care feels like a luxury, and productivity is a priority, finding one’s inner peace can be a challenge. We’re working to defy this notion; to bring joy through life’s little pleasures; to arouse mindfulness in our customers, to make you stop, breathe, and in essence, claim your calm.

So, join us on our mission to Claim Your Calm. More blogs and social media posts to come with tips and reminders. Come on the journey as we research, educate and welcome a more calming and mindful existence.

But first, we encourage you to savor a moment. Whether it be the sun setting over mountains mirrored on sparkling blue waters, or the indulgent lather of fragrant hand soap, take a moment to stop, to breathe, to #claimyourcalm.