The Best Soy Candle Scents for Every Season

The Absolutely Best Soy Candle Scents for Every Season

Did you know that filling your home with pleasant scents can actually improve your mental health?

Of course, part of the trick of filling your home with scents to make you happier is making sure that you choose scents that you love. One way to do that is to match soy candle scents to your favorite aspects of each season.

You can keep your scents on trend for the season, while also making sure that you only choose candles you'll love. After all, every season includes different kinds of scents. You don't have to be sweet in the winter if you prefer musky scents or you can carry sweet scents throughout the year.

Take a look at the best soy candle scents for every season for some inspiration!

Candle Scents For Winter

What images jump to mind when you imagine the perfect winter scene?

We like to think of cozy sweaters and blankets and being cuddled up to the fire. No winter evening is complete without your favorite warm beverage like tea, coffee, or hot cocoa and your favorite book.

Of course, you can't forget about the atmosphere of winter holidays too: citrus and berry desserts, evergreen needles, and refreshing peppermint.

We took all that amazing wintery imagery to create the ultimate candle scents for winter. Take a look at two of the best!

Cashmere Sweater

This cozy scent is supposed to bring to mind your favorite cashmere sweater, a chai tea latte, and a warm crackling fire. 

We recreated the scent of that moment with vanilla, jasmine, and coconut to recreate the chai smell. A final base of sandalwood scent creates a feeling of simple, homey comfort. This scent is perfect for people who prefer a relaxing winter environment.

Balsam And Clementine

Sometimes when the cold winter months get you feeling down, you need a scent that's more invigorating than relaxing. Balsam and Clementine are some of the most perfect seasonal candle scents for that mood.

It combines two lesser thought of scents of the holiday season: lovely balsam fir and a kick of citrus. The combination creates an atmosphere of holiday joy and a little kick of life in the midst of the bleak winter.

Candle Scents For Spring

When winter ends and spring comes springing in, our minds jump to freshness, new beginnings, and warmth.

Some of our favorite natural spring scents are the smell of grass after an April shower, new linen and cotton clothes, and bright blooming flowers. We captured the feeling of running through a field in the perfect weather, sitting for picnics in the park, and beginning your bountiful garden.

Lemon & Vanilla

For some reason, Spring is just the sweetest season of all. Maybe it's the release after the long, hard winter. Whatever it is, we've captured sweetness without tackiness in the perfect mix of lemon and vanilla.

Make your home smell like fresh-baked lemon meringue pies or lemon bars with this sweet yet natural-smelling candle.

Rose And Berry Fragrance

Imagine yourself at a tea party in a garden. What scents rush to mind? The sweet-smelling blooms around you? What about freshly brewed berry teas? 

Combine those scents with bergamot and birch tree and you get one of our best soy candle scents for spring. It's the perfect mix of sweetness with the understated murkiness of the natural earth. Bring the outdoors in for the spring with the Rose and Berry Fragrance.

Candle Scents For Summer

Ah, summer... the season of fewer obligations, al fresco dining, dreamy vacations, and cultivating your ideal self.

Create a summery atmosphere even when you're inside or working with one of our signature scents. They'll immediately have you thinking of dips in cool water and eating the freshest, most delicious meals after a day of doing your favorite outdoor activities.

Farmer's Market

Do you live for the scent of your favorite summer farmer's market? You can take that scent home with you with our Farmer's Market soy candle. Feel that feeling of freshness, wholesomeness, and natural energy all day every day.

Fig, basil, sandalwood, and lemon balm combine to recreate the smell of a market full of fruits and vegetables, the smell of the earth still sticking to some produce, and the fragrant balms and tinctures that the booths sell. It's a sunny scent like no other.

Candle Scents For Fall

Fall is perhaps the most evocative season of all when it comes to scents. There's a reason that there's practically a cult following around pumpkin spice. 

But pumpkin spice isn't the only scent that autumn has to offer. It's a good starting point, but let's take a look at some other scents that make us think of late-night bonfires, walks through the crisp air, and the beauty of color-changing leaves.

Alpine Spice

Try a different kind of spice this fall! This blend includes your old favorite cardamon, but it combines it with lemon and bergamot for a uniquely fresh and citrusy scent. It's the best transition from the summer into the fall.

The moss and patchouli scents firmly ground it in this earthier season and add a feeling of cabin coziness to your autumn nights. Transport yourself to a private cabin with freshly chopped firewood.

Sunday Morning

Experience a comforting, cozy brunch every morning whether it's Sunday or not. Nothing says fall like maple and cinnamon. Your home will smell like the most amazing pancake bake and that dash of cinnamon adds a bit of autumnal spiciness.

The Best Candle For Every Home In Every Season

By picturing your favorite aspects of every season, you can choose the best soy candle scents to fill your home with throughout the whole year. Think about invigorating versus relaxing scents and the kinds of evocative images that come to mind with each season when choosing your new favorite candle.

Ready to start filling your home with amazing scents year-round? Check out our full collection of amazing scented soy candles.