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Benefits of Goat's Milk in Soap


The Benefits of Goat's Milk in Hand Soap

Did you know that most hand soaps are made with synthetic, harsh detergents? Well, now you do! Pure Placid Hand Soap is not made with any of the bad stuff. We use a power-house of organic extracts that gently cleanse your skin and the star of our hand soap - goat's milk! 

Why Goat's Milk is so Great in Hand Soap

  1. Vitamins The vitamins in goat's milk add to the rejuvenating process. Goat's milk is bountiful in Vitamin A, vital in repairing damaged skin tissue and maintaining healthy youthful skin, due to its being a vital component of the skin cell life cycle. Vitamin C is a go-to ingredient for protection against skin aging free radicals. Vitamin E is beneficial to increasing the skin's elasticity, achieving skin that appears and feels firmer. 
  2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids Alpha hydroxy acids are well known as exfoliants because of their effectiveness at breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. A popular alpha hydroxy acid abundant in goat's milk is lactic acid, which is derived from the milk after it undergoes fermentation. Lactic acid is one of the few alpha hydroxy acids that has a great deal of scientific data supporting its effectiveness. Lactic acid is regarded as a superior alpha hydroxy acid for use on skin because of its gentle yet effective qualities.
  3. Minerals Calcium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium are also found in goat's milk. Selenium also aids in preventing skin damage caused from sun exposure.
  4. Fats Creamy goat's milk contains triglycerides (fats) that are nourishing to the skin. The protein structure of the milk is short-stranded which makes absorption by the skin easier.

Plus goats milk provides a thick, luscious lather that leaves your hands feeling silky smooth! So many great benefits - that's why we love it in our hand soaps!