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Beat Holiday Stress With Calming Scents

Holiday stress is real. A 2018 study found that 88% of Americans felt stressed while celebrating the holidays.  (

With the pile of family relations, money for gifts, tight timelines and making sure the ham is cooked perfectly, it’s understandable why so many of us feel anxiety, stress and even depression during the holidays. But you can beat holiday stress with calming scents. 

As we’ve always said, investing in your own self care and learning how to Claim Your Calm is essential to being able to invest energy and love into others. The reason for the season is to be surrounded by those we love and enjoy their company and if you aren’t in your best head space, the enjoyment might not come as easily.  

A simple and effective way to find calm while you prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holidays is to choose to surround yourself with certain scents that help calm and destress you. We’re proud to use an array of different calming botanical extracts in our scent profiles that will be perfect to help you get through the holidays.


Vanilla innately smells like the holidays and is known to reduce the startle reflex in adults.  If you are feeling on edge and jumpy, light a vanilla scented candle in the kitchen while you bake cookies this year to find that inner warmth and subtle calm

Choose from our Lemon Vanilla or Cashmere Sweater scents, which both contain vanilla bean, to help reduce depression and create a relaxing and uplifting environment. 

Cinnamon is one of the most relaxing candle scents because it is known to physically remove the tension from the muscles in your body. Cinnamon pairs well in the living room with a fire burning and warm tea while you watch the light snowflakes fall. 

Cinnamon is also known to help reduce anxiety, treat depression and promote better sleep.  Perhaps, choose from our Sunday Morning, White Birch or Adirondack Chair  scents in lotion form (which all contain cinnamon) right before bed to feel the warmth of this scent sink in.       

 Basil is not necessarily something you would typically associate with the holidays, but for those that are extremely stressed out by everything holiday related, that could be a good thing. 

Basil creates a calm, balances the mind, and eases stress while boosting your mood and can be found in our Farmers Market and Mount Marcy scents.  This scent is perfect as a soap in the kitchen or bathroom where you may need a moment to unwind and breathe just by yourself. 

Pine Needle: The grotto of holiday scent associations is pine.  There is something to be said about the feeling a fresh Christmas tree gives a home: understandably so from all of pine’s soothing properties.  If you opt for the fake tree or don’t put one up at all, you can still reap the benefits of filling your home with a pine scent with our Adirondack Chair or Balsam Cedar candles. These candles will clear your mind, eliminate fatigue and promote a positive outlook: everything you need for a smooth and calm holiday season. 

The less common scents you can explore as well that we are proud to include in our scent profiles:

  1. Bergamot is a sunny and pleasant scent that can be found in our Rose & Berry, Alpine Spice, Balsam Clementine and White Birch scents. 
  2. Sandalwood is a deep and woody scent that can be found in our Mount Marcy, Cashmere Sweater and Farmers Market scents. 
  3. Eucalyptus has a crisp forest feel to it and can be found in our Farmers Market and Balsam Cedar scents
  4. Ginger invigorates with a spicy and woody aroma and can be found in our Farmers Market and Cashmere Sweater scents

Always remember that if you aren’t at your best you can’t possibly give your best to others. GIve yourself the gift of relaxation this holiday season and Claim Your Calm so that you can enjoy the holidays without the stress and anxiety building up inside you. Put down the wrapping paper, turn off the oven and take 30 minutes to breathe, relax and use the natural calming effects of scents to help combat the holiday stressors.