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Get a New You Ready Now! A New Decade Is Coming!

Have you ever wondered why we always seem to have trouble sticking to our new year’s resolutions?

In the moments we’re making them, we feel so confident that this is the year we'll stick to them! New year, new you, right? So why, if we want something so badly, do we have such a hard time?

Maybe it's not that simple. Maybe we need to back up. How can we expect ourselves to make a big change and stick to new habits when we might not know the reasons why? The only way I can truly commit to something is to fully understand my reasons--I need to be inspired and motivated by true belief.

Furthermore, we are hoping to create a habit overnight, and I have  found that that's just not how the science of habits work! According to Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, habits are formed after repetitive actions. Habits take practice and time. It takes 30 days for a behavior to become a habit, and you need to leave room for failure. And when I say failure it is not a negative thing, we sometimes need to have failures so we learn, so we get back up and continue. You need time to fall off the bandwagon, learn from your mistakes, jump back on, and do it better the next time. This is how we learn! And how long-lasting, transformative change happens: work over time.

So really it’s no wonder why we are so often defeated by these resolutions. We are trying to make a behavior change overnight without any practice and without having developed a foundation for change.

I want to change this cycle of defeat, and I really want 2020 to be the year that you actually stick to your resolutions. I want everyone of you to be the absolute best version of yourself. That is why I want you to join me and everyone at Pure Placid in these last 90 days of 2019 as we all focus on a ways to improve our lives. Improvements I believe will help build that foundation for change.

So first, we need to develop a strong foundation for successful change. Join Pure Placid in the last 90 days of 2019 as we focus on the ways we can improve to prep for change. The next 3 months will focus on 3 of the core elements in our lives: mind, body, and soul.

This October, I'm going to focus on the body. Join me as I uncover and share tips, info, and more on body care, body health and how to sleep better! We are going to feel so good by the end of the month, I promise!

In November, I'll focus on the soul and improving many of the emotional elements that are essential to our well being. From nurturing relationships to setting goals, I'm going to give you support, gratitude, and belief to get ready for positive changes!

I'll focus on the mind in December. This is where the big changes happen. The mind is where our behaviors develop and habits are born. I'll share everything I learn about how we can default to positivity.

So cheers to a new year NOW! And prep yourself for a better you. Stay tuned to this blog, subscribe to my emails, and follow us on our social media channels. Use our #90til2020 hashtag! Change can happen--and it can last. We're going to find out how!

Marcy Miller