Totality Candle-Candles-Pure Placid
Totality Candle-Candles-Pure Placid
Totality Candle-Candles-Pure Placid

Totality Candle

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The Totality Candle is designed to celebrate the rare experience of a total solar eclipse. It commemorates this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event happening April 8 2024. 

The Totality Candle features layered scents that evolve as the candle burns, mirroring the phases of the eclipse. It begins with a vibrant burst of eucalyptus , symbolizing the sun's radiant energy. As the candle progresses, it unveils a heart of delicate fern and juniper, evoking the surreal and transient beauty of the eclipse's totality phase. The scent journey concludes with a grounding base of earthy pine and moss, reflecting the return of sunlight and the grounding nature of our planet.

It is made with clean, safe ingredients, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly product. It is a 16 oz 4 wick candle in a black metal tin, 

The Totality Candle is a celebration of a miraculous natural phenomenon and a tribute to the beauty of the universe. Claim your calm and connect with the cosmos through the enchanting aroma of the Totality Candle.

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